Sometime ago, you have received a weblink by mail to express yourself. Many thnks to all the people who have answered. Usually, as developer, I take some tendencies and trends... and your feedbacks allow me to stay in the main objective : your satisfaction in using AllEvents.

The survey

How did you know us ?  

survey2017 1

82% by websites proposing Joomla extensions, 11% by community websites, 7% by search engines

Design and presentation? 

survey2017 2

The average notation is 6.76/10.

Less than 45% of you valuate as nice the former design.

Range of products?

survey2017 3

The average notation is 7.04 / 10.

The results are very contrasted regarding people valuating the range as good and the ones not satisfied (20% at less than 4 stars).

Ease of finding what you wanted to buy?

survey2017 4

The average notation is 6.62 / 10. 

The results are very contrasted regarding people finding easily that they want and the ones not satisfied (20% at less than 4 stars).

Clarity of our product descriptions?

survey2017 5

The average notation is 6.97 / 10

I expected a lower notation,  documentation is still the poorpart of a component. Finally, only 16% valuate with 4 stars at the maximum.

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? 

survey2017 7

The average notation is 7.14 / 10

13% of you will not at all recommend (notation 2 or 3) AllEvents. It's the same part than people that only have put 10 as notation (14%). Nevertheless, it is annoying me...

What would you love to see in AllEvents in the future?

survey2017 8

We can note (or not) the gap between the current trend and your expectations. Of course, I will need you in the next months to transform these expectations in AllEvents features.

  • Form builder : 66%
  • Mobile Application  : 45%
  • New features : 41%
  • Autopublishing in social networks : 24%
  •  Improve knowledge database : 21%
  • Automatic translation : 17%
  • More supported languages : 10%

Enhancements proposed by some of you: 

  • Mail sending to all participcants
  • Reminder setup some days before the event
  • Real relationship with google agenda

Some comments

Too  expensive  There is starter version free of charge, I don't understand.

Goback to the former layout  it's not possible bacause the former layout was designed for Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 2.5...

Modules are more customizable thank you

The next steps

To do a survey intends to do the trend for the next months. 

What is immédiate

  1. Work about the homepage : lighter, simpler, more complete, the english webpage is renewing regarding the french one (that will change very soon) . It's not a  landing page (I am fighting with the designers thta should want make with AllEvents the same thing than a magic capsule.
  2. Work about the products page all the product). Whatever the component, the module, the plugin, objective is to have a webpage by product. This is the new design of  the joomla-extensions webpage.
  3. Work about the: activation of the self generated webpage of AllEvents. It's available in the dedicated location  of AllEvents documentation

You have ideas to improve the menu, the webpage content, feel free tocontact me.

That is in the pipe

AllEventsMagnet will automatically get back your Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup events as AllEvents events.

A creator of template for the events: Actually, it's very heavy, so few extensions propose this kind of features...

Mail sending, improvement of the communication between the event manager and attendees, reminder are highly requested. The main evolution of AllEvents in 2018 will certainly concern these topics. 

Many thanks to you, you are the AllEvents companion during all the Joomla years.

AllEvents provides infinite scroll in the events list with navigation. A demo : List events with Infinite scroll

A simple parameter "Infinite scroll" in the display and you provide a new way to navigate to your visitors.

OK. But what is the "Infinite Scroll" ?

Read more: Events list : Infinite Scroll parameter

Unless you are a designer, the progressions you will see with Joomla 4 are in the UI. There is another default format called Aurora and another admin template called Atum. Joomla 4 will move to the Bootstrap 4 structure, while Joomla 3 is right now on Bootstrap 2.

Read more: Joomla 4 : First contact

March 2017... Soon the joomla 3.7 version and its set of new features. The same for AllEvents

A new feature especially out question to me: The custom fields. I remember the number of hours that I needed to develop them in AllEvents one year ago and the single hour (yes, less than 60 minutes) to integrate this new feature in AllEvents. Developers friends, I am going to say you how I just did afterwards. 

In the set of news in the 3.4.7 it's mainly the introduction of plugins that makes that anybody is able to develop its own event displays, event forms, list of events. It's the end of the overrides. All is performed thru plugin: you develop it, you install itr and you maintain the display. We can also add bugs corrections, the field of thumbnail and poster fulfilling in frontend, the editor correction in the frontend, a "webinar like" new event display mode .

Come back to this Joomla 3.7 new feature

Custom fields

Custom fields are one out of the new Joomla 3.7 features. Natively, you will be able to add sutyom fields to articles, user profiles and contact form. With its integration in AllEvents you will be able to do the same thing in your events.

If you are an AllEvents user, that's all for you. But, if you are a developer, the next part should interest you.


As any componentr, AllEvents is based on a MVC model. So, I consider that your component is compliant with this model. 

Theorically, you should have an attribs column or params in your table. That allows to store metadata for example... So, I consider you have it.

Step 1 : You have to define the display in your menu on the left. Your componet becomes a context (in our case: com_allevents.event) of the com_fields component of Joomla.

It's located in /administrator/helpers/allevents.php

We add these few lines:

if (JComponentHelper::isEnabled('com_fields'))
        $vName == 'fields.fields'
        $vName == 'fields.groups'


I have defined two entries: one for the fields, another one fro the groups. You immediately checkj the result by depositing this file int right location.

Step 2: modify the event.xml manifest file to display the custom fields in the screen of event fulfill

This is located in the /administrator/models/forms/event.xml file

<fieldset name="display" label="JGLOBAL_FIELDSET_DISPLAY_OPTIONS" addfieldpath="/administrator/components/com_fields/models/fields">
    <field name="show_user_custom_fields" type="fieldgroups" multiple="true" context="com_allevents.event" label="COM_ALLEVENTS_FIELD_USER_CUSTOM_FIELDS_SHOW_LABEL" description="COM_ALLEVENTS_FIELD_USER_CUSTOM_FIELDS_SHOW_DESC">
        <option value="-1">JALL</option>

Step 3: In the frontend get back the fulfilled values of your element

This is located in the /models/event.php file. The fields are got back in fields. In the AllEvents use cas, the used columns is params.

if (!isset($this->_item->fields)){ $this->_item->fields = [] ; }
if (class_exists('FieldsHelper'))
    // Convert parameter fields to objects.
    $this->_item->params = new Registry($this->_item->params);
    $this->_item->params = $this->_item->params->toArray();
    $this->_item->fields = FieldsHelper::getFields('com_allevents.event', $this->_item, true, $this->_item->params) ; 

Step 4:In the frontend get back the fulefilled values of element

This is located in the /views/event/tmpl/event.php file. A small piece of code got back in the contact display:

$eventFieldGroups = array();

foreach ($item->fields as $field) :
    if ((!$field->group_id )) : 
    if (!key_exists($field->group_title, $eventFieldGroups)) : 
        $eventFieldGroups[$field->group_title] = array(); 
    $eventFieldGroups[$field->group_title][] = $field; 
<?php foreach ($eventFieldGroups as $groupTitle => $fields) : ?>
<?php $id = JApplicationHelper::stringURLSafe($groupTitle); ?>
<?php echo '<h3>' . ($groupTitle ?: JText::_('COM_ALLEVENTS_EVENT_FIELDS')) . '</h3>'; ?>

<div class="contact-profile" id="user-custom-fields-<?php echo $id; ?>">
<dl class="dl-horizontal"> 
<?php foreach ($fields as $field) : ?>

<?php if (!$field->value) : ?>
<?php continue; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php echo '<dt>' . $field->label . '</dt>'; ?>
<?php echo '<dd>' . $field->value . '</dd>'; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Step 5 : There is not... That's all for AllEvents

As you have seen it, by modifying 4 AllEvents files, we are able to propose custom fields to our users.

Some thing remain to do like:

  • The distinction of the groups of field: distinguish the fiels related to the events and the ones related to the registreations
  • The evntual translations of the tag in the backend

If you have any questions or feedback abou this article, you can easily join me.





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