For a while, I have been looking for new communication means related to the AllEvents website.

AllEvents is mainly a component of events management for Joomla. So component means development, technic, geek and neither a website neither so much user friendly nor google friendly.

I have done some internet searchs, I have downloaded wite papers and I have discovered that to be in, we must add to the website a "landingpage", un autoresponder, transactionnal emails,  marketing emails, "exit intent", videos...

A lot of things make that as a developer, I am lost in this amount of marketing technics! Personally, I still was at the SEO keywords level since the Joomla days France...

Come back to our topic:  the  AllEvents presentation video.

Sometimes ago, Charles had proposed to   a  AllEvents presentation video. A good point to  start that allows me to discover this new kind of communication. 


Afterwards, I received from facebook an advertising of de with with a very catchy tag : "A video for less than 5€". I sayed myself: Not possible to miss this proposal. Right away, I go to the website, I refister myself and I search who proposes this kind of video.

I find several providers proposing videos for less than 5 €idéos à moins de 5 euros (ok, often it's a starting price) and I discover we can do a lot of different videos : Whiteboard, cartoon, presentation, voice over, real voice, number of words, numner of pictos... and this whatever the target language (we even can choice the language accent)

Last Friday (25/11) I selected a pakistani provider that for less than 15€ makes the video from a script that i have to provide it.

Here is the result at noon (28/11). This result is completely compliant with my starting idea for the small amount of 15€ (yes yes only 15€)


What dou you think it?

You have ideas, remarks, I take it! feel free to get in touch with me.