AllEvents 3.5 implemented a new specific features designed to make your events more effective. This functionality is the new Rate system; allowing events contain professionally-styled review score blocks that displays a mixture of sub-category scores and an overall score. A Simple Concept that provides a key element for review-focused websites, regardless of their event focus.

A new review score plugin

In the past AllEvents proposed 2 distinct plugins : AE-Vote and AE-Ratings.

Now, we propose one all-in-plugin : « AllEvents Vote ». So, you can have the same possibilities with only one efficient plugin.


How the plugin works

Simplicity is the name of the game here; review scores shouldn’t need a complex configuration when they might only be used a few times. So after install and activation you’ll notice a new “Rating” tab on your Joomla event edit screen:


reviews score categories and other options

Here you can quickly create your +scores, including options to automatically display an overall score that’s calculated from the average of the subcategories, or you can remove the automatic overall score and just display your subcategories.

Adding subscores is as easy as adding the name of the subscore category, like “Design”, then click the Add button. Just to make it a bit easier you can drag & drop each of the scores to reorder them. Once you’ve set up the ratings the way you want, our plugin displays these scores in the bottom of your event in frontend.

Each score group can be easily rated by your users.

Where can I get the rating plugin?

AllEvents Vote will be ready to download during February 2018 in our Download Section !

Download, install, and start adding ratings instantly into all your events; you’ll have yet another new way to keep your audience committed.

You can also find the AllEvents-Vote documentation in our documentation area.