AllEvents with uikit

About two weeks ago, Nicolas integrator of Joomla website living in the south of the France get in touch with me thru the inline chat:

"Godd morning, I get it this extension superb, Nevertheless, I consider that pictures are too small on  iPhone and smartphone, why don't use the uikit system uikit? I prefer implement an uikit class, so the pictures resize themselves de pending on the screen size. I use uikit for some time and it's frankly awesome".

So, we looked at this framework développed by Yootheme "templates editor" for Joomla.


First, come back a little bit to these definitions : framework, themes, templates,...

A framework is a toolset that provides dynamic display in your website. These tools can be CSS stylesheet, Javascript scripts,... The most famous one is Bootstrap.

A Joomla template is a a display format model of the webpages of your Joomla websites.

The specific case of uikit

ui kit logo frontend framework

Yootheme is a templates editor est un éditeur de thèmes (among others) for Joomla. It has been integrated in its templates its  uikit framework.

A Joomla template is fully integrated  with its ec son framework. You have already checked that some templates need Bootstrap 2, some other needs Bootstrap 3... With Yootheme don't worry, all is integrated.

Moreover, Yootheme provides its framework on the platfom of opensource github projects.

 Useful reminder : uikit is not linked to Joomla, it's a framework developped  by Yootheme.

Our test

The first contact has been quick: 

  1. one framework more
  2. a very much technical documentation (normal as we would say)
  3. Alreay existent components otherwise : date selector, time selector, accordion, menu...

Why integrate this framework in AllEvents developpment?

The second contact has been a liitle bit more detailed when I discovered the dynamic grid : you define menu links that are used as display filters, the whole with animations... So, I immediately started , je me suis engoufré the uikit integration in the event display.

The result is amazing: with only including the framework and an adjustment of the display, AllEvents provides since the  3.4.2 version (November, 2016) three new kinds of event display:

  • Simple grid
  • Dynamic grid
  • Portfolio

Capabilities of uikit are huge! We currently work on display module of our events uikit based.

Yoy want go further with uikit

From the website, Get back main js/cssvous files

Get back the whole framework at github, and the demos at:


Many thanks to Yootheme and Nicolas for this real treasure!