Are you tired of having to check individual apps for your different events? Are you ready to finally enjoy the inherent ease and comfort in having all your events from different platforms aggregated in one place, where you can easily access them?

The AllEvents Magnet, a user friendly, professional, and certified component for Joomla, provides the ultimate event planning solution! Now you can easily complete your calendars with events from Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, Eventbrite, iCalendar, CSV, and ICS.



  • Group and individual imports
  • Onetime import
  • Automatic import
  • Full publishing control
  • Categorized imports
  • Access to import history


Why choose the AllEvents Magnet?

Easily Import Events

Are you an event planner and organizer, school, publisher, or business? It’s now easier than ever to import events from various social media platforms, academic departments and student organizations, interest groups, or any calendar that supports .ics feeds, right from your dashboard. With the AllEvents Magnet, you can easily stay organized and abreast of all events around you!

Onetime Automatic Import

Once set up, the AllEvents Magnet will import events via .ics or .csv once, without syncing with the source. The event aggregator also automatically updates your feeds, keeping your calendar current and up-to-date! What’s more, when an event changes at the source, it is also automatically updated on your calendar.

Easy To Use

The powerful, user-friendly Joomla component has easy to use features and provides impeccable support, ensuring that you enjoy a spectacular experience managing your events and calendar!

Risk Free Purchase

Buoyed by our unfailing confidence in the AllEvents Magnet, all our subscriptions come with an unconditional 48 hours money back guarantee! You can cancel your account for any reason within 48 hours of activation and receive a 100% refund on your purchase.

Are you ready to gain total control of the management and organization of your calendar and events?


Discover AllEvents Magnet now to get started!