Joomla is one of the most popular open source CMS (Content Management System) websites online. Joomla is a brainchild of Mambo created by Miro PVT Ltd (Mambo is a trademark of Miro International PVT Ltd). Joomla was established in the era when the internet was relatively new.

The Open source

Open source is a computer program which is accessible to the public and gives free access for individuals to make use of or offer contributions to the program. Open source program encourages peer to peer program production as individuals can freely make their contributions and improve the quality of a system. It started as a result of limitations in proprietary codes and monopoly of products by the patent right holders. Open source became more popular with the introduction of the Internet. It is important to note that Joomla developers launched an open source website ( in the early stages of the internet to encourage free dissemination of information on software development.

The community

Every year, Joomla holds several seminars and it is amazing the number of people you see attending this event. Also, Joomla has lots of active users who are always working round the clock to bring about new innovations and products. This is the reason why people believe in Joomla. Joomla has been able to prove that work can be fun.

The development

Joomla makes uses of Model View Controller (MVC). MVS operates like this when a URL is typed it is seen as a request, this is because you are requesting a particular web page out of millions of web pages, your request is then processed by the controller by channeling it through a route to the model. The controller through model then retrieves the particular URL or information you requested for and sends the data received to the view for display. The model, controller and display function concurrently to provide required information for each required request. Joomla has integrated this feature and thus the wonderful and unique feature of the Joomla platform.